Alternative Energy 2008:
Overcoming Challenges to Development
Presented by: LSU Center for Energy Studies

23 April 2008     ·     Louisiana State University     ·     Baton Rouge, Louisiana






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Alternative Energy: The Role of Government (414 KB)
Myron Ebell, Director, Energy & Global Warming Policy
Competitive Enterprise Institute

Green Freedom, A Concept for Producing Carbon-Neutral Synthetic Fuels and Chemicals (1202 KB)
F. Jeffrey Martin, Senior Advisor, International and Nuclear Systems Engineering
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Solar Energy Development Opportunities in New Orleans (1672 KB)
Cecilia Aguillon, Director of Business Development & Government Relations
Kyocera Solar

Large Scale Hydrokinetics in the Mississippi River (1380 KB)
Christopher Williams, Chief Technology Officer
Free Flow Power Corp.

Demand Response and Energy Efficiency as Renewables (618 KB)
Chelle Izzi, Vice President, National Accounts & Vertical Markets
Consumer Powerline

Consumer Perceptions of Green Energy (422 KB)
Dana Lee Cogar Research Director

Leveraging Renewable Energy Credits and Carbon Reduction Credits to Fullest Advantage in Financing Renewable Energy Projects (1621 KB)
Charles Reith, Director of Industrial Strategies & Sustainable Solutions
Carbon and Energy Management

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