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Data: Louisiana Desktop Well Reference 2001

The Louisiana Desktop Well Reference (LDWR) is a Geographic Infomation System (GIS) for the Louisiana oil and gas industry. Developed using ESRI's Arcview software, the program is easy to use, allowing large amounts of data to be evaluated by combining geographical, image and well information.

Version 2001 includes a state map with all well locations, parish boundaries, section, township and range boundaries, primary, secondary and tertiary roads, permanent and intermittent streams and water polygons. It contains production data from January 1977 through October 2001 and current well status information.

To provide a smooth transition with the new implementation of Louisiana's database system, this version of the LDWR incorporates old and new data terminology. As before, queries may be executed from a menu or through the box selection tool. Reports are generated as simple ASCII text files that may be saved for future use and imported into any word processing, spreadsheet or database program.

Other changes include:

  • Auto install feature added.
  • De Soto and La Salle errors corrected.
  • Production files merged. No separate R1 and R5P data files.
    Dispostion production dropped but several other data items
    added; opening & closing stocks, injection volumes, storage
    facility codes, and operator type codes.
  • Adjusted Chart display problem. Production over 100,000 prints a notification.
  • Adjusted several scripts to account for the new data format and fix minor problems.
  • Added well and production tables for wells and LUW codes with
    missing parish information.

Please see the Readme file for any additional last minute infomation.

System Requirements

Intel 386 or equivalent processor with 16 MB of RAM running
Windows 3.1, 2 GB hard disk space, 2x CD-ROM, and Video Display resolution of
640 x 480.
NOTE: Microsoft has discontinued support for DOS and Windows 3.x. Windows 95/98/Me
are also scheduled to be discontinued.
500Mhz or faster processor with 128MB RAM running Windows 98, 2000 or XP, 800x600 Video Display Resolution.
1000Mhz or faster processor with 256MB RAM running Windows 2000 or XP with NTFS partioned disk, 10000rpm hard disk, 21" monitor, 64MB DDR video card set to 1280x1024 Video Display Resolution.

However, any system sold today is more than adequate to run this application.

Some queries, reports and charts will still take a few minutes to complete because
of the large amount of data and the structure of the query function.

Click here to view the INSTALL.TXT file.
Click here to view the TIPS.TXT file.
Click here to view the FILEDESC.TXT file.

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