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CES Researchers Win National Awards

David Dismukes, associate director of the CES, won the award for the best article published during 2004 from the National Regulatory Research Institute. His article, "Using Competitive Bidding as a Means of Securing the Best of Competitive and Regulated Worlds," published in the Journal of Applied Regulation, analyzes the benefits of allowing industrial plants to buy electricity from independent power plants as well as regulated utilities. Tom Ballinger of the Florida Public Service Commission and Elizabeth Downer of the Acadian Consulting Group were coauthors.

Mark Kaiser, an associate professor at the CES, was awarded an Excellence in Partnering award by the National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) for his contribution to a study titled "Coordinated Regional Benefit Studies of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems." The award was presented at a meeting of the National Ocean Research Leadership Council, which is composed of the heads of the fifteen federal agencies concerned with ocean science and policy. The meeting was held at the White House Conference Center in Washington, D.C. The project was coordinated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic institute and involved several universities as well as LSU. Kaiser's component of the project dealt with the Gulf of Mexico, especially the value of better weather information to the offshore oil and gas industry.