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Greenhouse Gases Inventory Kicks-Off with Project Advisory Team Meeting

CES Professional-in-Residence Mike McDaniel presented an overview of the Louisiana Economic Development (LED)-supported greenhouse gases (GHG) inventory project to members of the Project Advisory Team (PAT).

The PAT includes representatives from stakeholder groups, including electric utilities, conservation/NGOs, oil and gas industry, chemical manufacturing, business and commerce, agriculture and forestry, and affected state agencies such as the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources,  the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, and LED.  PAT members will offer technical and outreach assistance for the GHG inventory project as it progresses toward the completion date, which is set for June 2009.

This GHG iInventory will be the second completed by CES and is intended to be a comprehensive state-wide inventory of sources and sinks of greenhouse gases.  The project has been designed to help assess potential impacts of expected federal GHG emissions regulations on the state of Louisiana and to help strategically position the state to accommodate challenges and opportunities brought by the federal regulations .  The overarching purpose of the LED GHG Inventory Project is to assure that Louisiana's economic competitiveness is not compromised by possible federal regulation of greenhouse gases and that any associated economic development opportunities are recognized.

The planned Scope of Work for the project reaches beyond the development of a comprehensive state-wide GHG inventory to include

  • review and evaluation of activities undertaken by other states to accommodate possible greenhouse gas regulation and/or climate change concerns;
  • high-level assessment of the impacts of the most likely federal GHG regulatory schemes on Louisiana's economy;
  • development of recommendations for potential state and industry strategies.

Methods used will be derived primarily from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidance documents. 

The principle investigators for the project are Mike McDaniel and David Dismukes.  Additional CES staff involved in the project includes Elizabeth Dieterich, Kathryn Perry, and Lauren Stuart.  A copy of the PAT presentation, including a list of Project Advisory Team members,  as well as references and important documents related to the LED GHG Inventory Project will also be posted online soon.