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DOE Funds Industry-LGS Partnership for Geothermal Research

The first award will fund a project to capture, condition, and transport CO2 from facilities located along the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans for geologic storage. The LGS will perform a technical review of geologic information, assist in obtaining geologic data, and provide technology transfer and local outreach. LGS funding is $75,000 for the first seven months. The project is headed by Shell Exploration and Production Company.

The second award, to a consortium led by Louisiana Geothermal, funds a three-year project to demonstrate the feasibility of a geopressured-geothermal power plant in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. The LGS award is $297,820.

The third award funds the Natural Geothermal Data System (NGDS), an integrated distributed and searchable data system of state-specific geothermal data, which is expected to drive renewed efforts to identify, assess, and exploit geothermal energy resources in the U.S. A consortium headed by the Arizona Geological Survey and including 40 state geologic surveys will participate in populating the data system with relevant geothermal data. LGS funding from this award is $299,979 over three years.

The principal investigator for the three projects is Chacko J. John, LGS director and state geologist and professor-research. LGS research associate Brian Harder is co-principal investigator.