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Louisiana Geological Survey Director Appointed to DOE Project Board

The three-year $21-million project will create a national geothermal database for assessment and development of geothermal energy resources nationwide. Project participants include the 50 U.S. state geological surveys.

The interoperable, seamless, and searchable database, with state-specific information, is expected to encourage renewed industry efforts to exploit geothermal energy resources across the U.S.

The LGS will compile information on the Gulf Coast geopressured-geothermal resources with particular reference to Louisiana. Data will include temperatures, geologic maps, suitable trends and sites for drilling, rock core and cuttings information, deep oil, gas, and water well information, thermal gradient maps, and more, in digital format. A geographic information system (GIS) will be developed with the associated metadata.

John sees the development of Louisiana’s geopressured-geothermal resources as having the potential to reshape the state’s energy landscape. “Louisiana has tremendous geopressured-geothermal resources,” he said. “Their development could lead to an increase in state revenues, new job creation, and a leveraging of alternate energy resources well into the future.”