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Wall Street Journal Article References 1998 CES Study

Aging Oil Rigs, Pipelines Expose Gulf to Accidents
GALLIANO, Louisiana—On June 10, 1947, Stanolind Oil & Gas Co. won an auction for the right to drill for oil on a plot seven miles off the Louisiana coast. The company built a spindly steel platform and drilled a well in shallow waters. It struck oil, and in 1950, Stanolind sold its first Louisiana sweet crude for $2.67 a barrel.

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Environmental and Safety Risks of an Expanding Role for Independents on the Gulf of Mexico OCS - Partial Abstract
Smaller independent oil producers are doing more of the exploration and production (E&P) of offshore oil and gas reserves in the Gulf of Mexico . Both industry and regulatory analysts have expressed concern that this trend will lead to more accidents. Our objective was to ascertain if there is an empirical justification for such fears . As the study progressed it also seemed appropriate to use our data to see if the Minerals Management Service's (MMS) safety and platform inspection programs have reduced the frequency or severity of accidents and spills in the Gulf.

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