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ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research Director to Speak Oct. 17

Please join the Center for Energy Studies for this lecture event:

"Innovation and Technology: Meeting the Energy Demand Challenge"

Dr. Tim Barckholtz
Corporate Strategic Research
ExxonMobil Research & Engineering

Monday, 17 October 2011 at 1:30 p.m.

Dalton J. Woods Auditorium
Energy, Coast & Environment Building
Louisiana State University

Opening remarks by Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Eric Skrmetta
Dr. Barckholtz will discuss the global energy demand across all sectors (transportation, industrial, commercial, and power generation) and fuel types (oil, gas, coal, nuclear, and renewables). He will examine the role of renewable energy and discuss a new ExxonMobil joint venture project on biofuels from algae. Because the link between economic growth and energy demand demonstrates the need for improving our efficiency at using energy, Dr. Barckoltz will share several examples of how to achieve higher energy efficiency.

Dr. Barckholtz manages the research programs for ExxonMobil dedicated to alternative fuels and advanced vehicles, life cycle assessment of technology options, carbon capture, and similar technologies. He holds a Ph. D. in chemistry from The Ohio State University. Following a post?doctoral fellowship at the National Institute of Standards and Technology / University of Colorado, Dr. Barckholtz joined ExxonMobil Research and Engineering in 2001, initially working in advanced combustion technology.

RSVP to Center for Energy Studies or 225-578-3948