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Kaiser, Snyder, Pulsipher Complete Offshore Drilling, Rig Construction Study

Worldwide, offshore drilling is experiencing a construction boom. Through 2011, drilling contractors and speculators ordered 140 mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) valued at over $36 billion. Across the globe, new yards are being built and old yards are being expanded or reopened. In their report, “The Offshore Drilling Industry and Rig Construction Market in the Gulf of Mexico, “ Mark Kaiser,  Brian Snyder, and Allan Pulsipher examine the offshore drilling industry and rig construction markets and investigate targeted issues relevant to the GOM. They develop empirical models over specific segments of the industry and prepare aggregate statistics for rig construction by class and geographic region. Quantification of labor and materials requirements for rig construction in the GOM is central to the study, as is the investigation of current and projected trends that are expected to impact the industry in the future.

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