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Bayou Bridge Pipeline will Bring Economic Impact of More than $800 Million in 2017

Bayou Bridge Pipeline Will Bring Economic Impact of More than $800 Million in 2017

In a new study, the LSU Center for Energy Studies, or CES, finds the Bayou Bridge Pipeline expansion will create significant economic benefits for Louisiana during both the construction phase and during operations into the future. The report notes the project is estimated to generate more than $829 million in new economic activity in 2017; more than 4,000 jobs and over $400 million in new wages in 2017.  The study, commissioned by Energy Transfer Partners, was conducted by Professor David Dismukes, CES executive director, and CES Assistant Professor Gregory Upton.

“The Bayou Bridge Pipeline will help expand Louisiana’s energy economy by creating jobs and leveraging existing in-state energy infrastructure such as refineries, processing and storage assets,” said Dismukes. “When completed, the pipeline will further diversify Louisiana’s crude oil supplies and provide new growth in both the immediate and long terms.”

Project construction is estimated to generate almost $56 million in state and local tax revenues. The Bayou Bridge Pipeline comprises 162 miles of 24-inch pipe and will require a $488 million capital investment, $471 million of which will be directly tied to Louisiana.

The pipeline will connect key Louisiana refining operations with new and diverse sources of U.S.  energy production. The project will link other pipelines that are part of the more than 2 million miles of infrastructure in the U.S. and the major Midwest and Gulf Coast crude oil hubs to bring crude to the St. James hub in Louisiana. 


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