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Energy, Coast & Environment Building
The Center for Energy Studies
David E. Dismukes, Executive Director

CES comprises the following units:

Energy Information and Data Division

Wumi Iledare, Professor Emeritus, Director
Provides reference service related to energy research and policy to the academic community, government agencies, non-profit organizations, business and industry, and the general public.

Louisiana Geological Survey

Chacko John, Director and State Geologist
The premier geological research institution in the state of Louisiana, LGS provides unbiased geological and environmental information to state agencies and other decision-making bodies to assure environmentally sound natural resource development and economic prosperity for the state.

Minerals Processing Research Division

Ralph Pike, Director
Coordinates research and public service programs in process research and technology transfer; sustainable development; energy management; and inherently safer design for the processing of oil, natural gas, salt, sulfur, and lignite.

Policy Analysis Division

David Dismukes, Director
Conducts and facilitates objective, balanced research on energy-related problems and issues affecting the state’s economy, environment, and citizenry.

Oil Spill Research &  Development Program

Don Davis (retired)
Provides oil spill contingency planners and response personnel with the best possible information, resources, and tools available.

Radiation Safety Office

Wei-Hsung Wang, Director
Responsible for implementing radiation control policies and ensuring safety practices, in full compliance with federal and state regulations, for the well being of the university community, the general public, environment.

Research and Development Division

Mark Kaiser, Director
Coordinates multidisciplinary energy research within the University and the State. The division assists in gathering the necessary expertise, securing funding, and providing research management services for the performance of basic and applied research upon request.