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Drilling and Exploration
Rig Count
Base Year: The gas severance tax is indexed with a seven cents floor. The base year was from April 1989 through March 1990 which set the base price at $1.7446/MMBTU and a base severance tax rate of $0.07/MCF.

Severance Tax Rate Notes

October 2002 - Present

    Data: Louisiana Natural Gas Severance Index

    Monthly Index: Beginning with the October 2002 prices, the official source for the monthly index price is the NYMEX futures settled price of the Henry Hub on the last day of trading for the next month's contract, as reported in the Wall Street Journal.
    The previous official source was the Survey of Domestic Spot Market, as published by Dynergy, Inc., and earlier published by the Natural Gas Clearing House.

    Louisiana Energy Data

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    Data: Daily Spot Market Prices OLD

    (as reported in the Wall Street Journal)


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